Avoid having your Cannabis License Revoked or Suspended for Failure to submit Standard Operating Procedures that Comply with Cannabis Regulations.

A standard operating procedure or SOP is a set of step-by-step instructions required by the cannabis regulations to help cannabis businesses carry out complex routine operations.

Standard operating procedures aim to achieve efficiency, quality output and uniformity of performance, while reducing miscommunication and failure to comply with cannabis regulations.

A recent California law authorizes the issuing licensing authority, Bureau Cannabis Control (All licenses except for Cultivation and Manufacturing) Department of Food & Agriculture (Cultivation) and Department of Health (Manufacturing) in its sole discretion, to revoke or suspend a provisional license if the licensing authority determines the licensee failed to actively and diligently pursue requirements for an annual license.

When you apply for a cannabis business license, the application is going to ask you to detail and upload the required Standard Operating Procedures for the type of cannabis license you want to have.

The law would require a licensing authority to cancel a provisional license upon issuance of an annual license, denial of an annual license, abandonment of an application for a license, or withdrawal of an application.

What to Do?

Contact our office to provide your business name and type of cannabis license being applied for.  Our office will then prepare the required Standard Operating Procedures personalized to your specific operations. Except for testing laboratories, which need to be prepared by a laboratory professional.

Standard Operating Procedures are a major factor in your license application being approved and the key to making sure your cannabis business is operating correctly.

CNTRL + Click link https://maucrsa-cannabis-attorney.com/cannabis-standard-operating-procedures/ to view a list of required Standard Operating Procedures for each license type, including the required Form and an Example (Table of Contents and Introduction) of how your custom Standard Operating Procedure will look like.

Please Note: the required Forms are intended to be used as a guide to address specific questions.  Certain questions can be answer in the space provided.  However, other questions can NOT be answer in the space provided and must be provided for in a Standard Operating Procedure maintained on the premises at all times and shall made the documents available to the Department upon request.

It is essential to the survival of your cannabis business to have, in addition to the forms, Standard Operating Procedures to ensure your cannabis business has step-by-step instructions to help carry out complex, daily operations and to ensure compliance during routine agency audits.

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